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Resumo mjfaustino, aliás Mário Júlio Faustino, Português, nascido em 22/03/1963 em Angola. 1975 muda-se para Portugal, Lisboa. Ano Lectivo 1982/83 frequenta a Escola de Artes Decorativas e Art & Design António Arroio, em Lisboa. Em 1996 muda-se para Alemanha, em Munich onde vive actualmente. Em 1998, início da Pintura. Em 2005/06, dois Semestres de frequência em Escla de Artes Privada em Munique.
StatementAs an artist of my time and as a student I use different materials and media and in pursuit of technique I developed a working method into something of my own.
I use ready colours as well as pigment or mix them myself on architect paper to get rid of extra oil which I add as needed, in the manner of a Monet.
I like drawing with pencil and oil is my favourite Medium.
Mankind is one of my first qualms and I like telling stories and ignite thoughts in my paintings. My inspiration comes from anything anytime; and casually from the simplest things of the day to day as well as media or Literature.
The world is how we see it! Many of a time is but how I paint it. And here I explore other aspects, bringing them to light – exposing the unseen.
Photography is a new Passion to me, a new Medium that I like very much as well as a useful tool. Some of my photographic works may resemble paintings...
I am working on old projects as well as new. In my plans for the future I intend to turn my work more experimental on one side as more accurate on the other, as well as paint outdoors, before the Nature more nudes and explore more classic themes. And I also have it in mind to paint in bigger formats.
The tendency polarizes between realism and abstract.
Name: Mário Júlio Faustino
Address Ludmilla Str.11, 81543 Munique, Alemanha
Tel. Atelier: 0049 (0)89 6510 2760

 chaos Técnica mista sobre flanela 185 cm x 119 cm 2004-2008

f & outros símbolos
Óleo sobre algodão
70 cm x 65 cm




hieroglyphs III Öl auf M.P. 62 cm x 44 cm 2008

Técnica mista sobre linho
100 cm x 90 cm


Symbols III Óleo sobre algodão 65 cm x 60 cm 2009